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We are a family owned and operated studio with over 60-yrs experience in family, children, formal, public and private school, senior, dance, event and business photography. We also offer photo restoration service.

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Find out why Duke Photography has the best photographers in Arizona!

Phoenix Photographer

I spent a lot of time with my uncle when I was younger and he was a photographer so naturally it sparked my interest in photography. I am a people person so it really helps me bring out my clients personality during their portrait session. What is really enjoyable for me is to create a great environment with lots of laughter and fun. Capturing memories that last forever is what I love most.

- Photographer David Willkie

Sports Photographer
When I was 10-years old my parents gave me a 110 format compact "spy camera" for Christmas. I was instantly hooked on photography. I was taking photographs of everything and anything. At the age of 14-years old I was given a 35mm Pentax K1000 camera and at that moment I knew photography would be my passion in life. For my first paid job, I photographed a family who when I gave them their prints cried with overwhelming happiness. Capturing the emotion of the moment is what drives me to be the best photographer I can be.

- Photographer Daryl Deaton

School Photographer

In High School, I took photography all four-years and loved it! I've photographed all age groups from the elderly to young children. Taking pictures of the elderly is my favorite - so much of their story can be told through their photographs. Every person I have ever taken pictures of have played an inspirational role in my love for photography. What I enjoy most are my clients having fun through out their entire portrait session.

- Photographer Tammy Smith

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