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Family Photography: Color Tones and How to Dress for Portraits

Simplicity and Neutrality Goes a Long Way

Select simple garments within the same tonal ranges. Remember, light and dark tones together can create confusion. Clothing in the same tone range helps the portrait look coordinated so no single member of the family stands out because someone’s clothing choice was too light or bright compared to the rest of the group.

Neutral Color Tone

You Can Not Hide a Beautiful Smile

A woman being photographed in a full length pose should wear a long skirt, dark stockings or pants in order to keep the eye from being directed to the legs.

Proper Clothing

Compliment Each Other Through Complimentary Colors

In order to create a timeless portrait we want the entire family to wear clothes whose colors blend. Try not to mix prints, plaids or florals in the same group.

Complimentary Colors
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