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Photography Preperation with Duke Photography

Family and Senior Photography Session Information

Find out what you can expect for your Family and Senior photography session.

The Element of Color: How to Dress for Senior Photographs

If you want to speak with a senior photographer about what to dress for portrait session, please call: 602.265.2605. There are simple clothing techniques to remember when you visit Duke Photography for your high school senior photography session. The first simple thing to remember is to keep in mind that your photographs should focus on your face. Please visit "The Element of Color: How to Dress for Senior Photographs" for more information about outfits and color tones that will work best for your senior portrait session.

The Fashion of the Color Wheel: Dressing for Senior Portraits

Do you have your outfits picked out? Call 602.265.2605 and schedule your senior portrait session to get rockin' and rollin'. If you are looking to jazz up your outfits with some extra color please click here to read about "The Fashion of the Color Wheel: Dressing for Senior Portraits." We want your senior photographs to shout your name!

Senior Portraits: Top 8 Major Mistakes

It is crucial that you have a professional photographer for your senior portrait session. We can't begin to tell you how much money has been wasted on amateur photographers who ruin senior portraits because they do not know what they are doing.

Family Photography: Color Tones and How to Dress for Portraits

Duke Photography has put together an informational page on clothing and color tones for families to prepare with before coming in for their portraits. Family photography is our specialty. Our professional family photographers are trained specifically in the field of color tone and creative environment's.

We Have Been Creating Family Art For Over Half A Century

Learn about our speciality "Beauty and Bonding: Creating Family Art for Arizona Families." Call: 602.265.2605 and speak with a professional family photographer. With over 60-years of experience, you can be rest assured your family photography session is handled by the best photography studio in Arizona.

NOW OFFERING Revolutionary Family Panoramic Art

Our professional phoenix photographers have perfected a new and revolutionary piece of family art entitled, "Family Panoramic Art." This brilliant new piece of art has everyone talking about Duke Photography. Learn more about this new piece of family art that the entire family will enjoy.