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Duke Photography will teach you the importance of colors, the different groups of color and what colors match.

When taking portraits it is incredibly important to make sure you pick outfits that compliment your personality, skin, eyes, hair and environment.

What are Primary, Secondary, Tertiary and Complimentary Colors?

Primary Colors

Primary colors: are red, yellow and blue. Red, blue and yellow are colors that cannot be made… meaning that you cannot mix colors to get red, blue and yellow colors. However, you can mix primary colors with other primary colors to CREATE secondary colors.

Secondary Colors

Secondary colors: are colors CREATED after mixing or blending primary colors. Primary colors yellow and blue make green. Primary colors blue and red make purple and red and yellow make orange.

Color Wheel

Tertiary colors: are the result of blending or mixing primary and secondary colors together. Mixing primary and secondary colors together will create lighter or darker hues. For more information on tertiary colors visit our “The Fashion of the Color Wheel: Dressing for Senior Portraits”.

Additive Colors

Additive and subtractive secondary colors: are when black or white are mixed with one or more secondary colors.

Complementary Colors

Complimentary colors: are when colors match! Complimentary colors work well together when taking portraits.
Click Here to Play with a Complimentary Color Wheel

Dressing for Senior Portraits: now that you have learned about all the different colors you can wear, mix and match… aren’t you excited to reserve your senior portrait session?! Visit our “The Fashion of the Color Wheel: Dressing for Senior Portraits” and get your outfits together for your senior portraits.

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