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On December 6th 2012, The Arizona Association of Student Councils (AASC) hosted a presidential luncheon for sophomore, junior and senior class representatives. The AASC was founded in 1943 by a group of dedicated teachers who wanted to create an organization for the future leaders of Arizona.

AASC Mike Smith Casa Grande High SchoolThe AASC mirrors America’s democratic system. The student body votes in student council class representatives to serve, grow, inform and implement student ideas into their respective High Schools.

Encouraging Newly Elected Representatives to Serve and Foster the Idea of Problem Solving in State’s Schools

Duke Photography, free of charge, photographed this years AASC presidential luncheon. The event was sponsored by Fry’s Food and X-games skateboarder and founder of non-profit Skate for Change, Mike Smith.AASC Mike Smith Gilbert High School

Mike Smith has been featured by Redbull, TEDx, and State Farm for his contributions to society. Duke Photography is a proud supporter of charity organizations and individuals who foster real community change through the use of their talents and resources.

Founded in 1943, AASC continues to provide leadership opportunities for sophomores, juniors and seniors.

AASC Mike Smith Sun City PomsAASC serves thousands of students, members, teachers and principals across Arizona. The AASC is affiliated with National Association of Student Councils (NASC), offering leadership training and growth for its student council members throughout the school year.

Free of charge, Duke Photography took photographs of the annual AASC presidential luncheon held in Camp Verde. Duke Photography is proud to have served Sun City Poms sponsored by Fry’s Food Stores, Mike Smith, Antelope High School, Bourgade Catholic High School, Casa Grande Union High School, Gilbert High School and Independence High School student council representatives. Duke Photography loves to support any and all charities and non-profit organizations as well as individuals who implement real and positive change in their community.AASC Mike Smith Bourgade High School

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