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Creating family memories is the best investment you can make. To get the most out of your investment it is important that you highly consider the type of clothing your family will wear.

How to Dress for Family Photographs – Learn the Different Color Tones

Simple Color Tones: Clothing and garments in the same color tonal range will ensure a perfect family photography session. A harsh mixture of light, dark and mid-tonal colors can create confusion.

The same color tone range will drastically improve the look of a portrait. You must take into consideration the color of the environment in which you will be taking photographs as this could change the overall color tone you and your family will want to wear.

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How to Dress For Family Photographs

Appropriate Clothing: Wearing appropriate clothing makes a huge difference. If a woman is wearing a skirt, please make sure it is long and covers your legs. Men should wear a shirt that covers all the way up to the neck.

Make sure to wear pants and cover your body so that the eye is directed to your beautiful smile.

How to Dress For Family Photographs

Complementary Colors: Creating a beautiful family portrait begins with wearing clothes with colors that compliment each other.

Please stay away from plaids, prints or floral clothing.

It will take away from family unity if individuals wear clothing that does not match or compliment each other. It also distracts the eye away from the beautiful smiles.

How to Dress For Family Photographs

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